Vulfpeck: My First Car

Jack Stratton sent this new video featuring Vulfpeck performing the title track from My First Car.

Bassist Joe Dart really lays it down on this one – as he does on pretty much every tune I’ve heard. Dart is playing a P-Bass Jr. with medium LaBella strings. Jack said they “slammed [the bass] through a TG 12413 Limiter plugin emulation”.

More background from Jack:

“Dart and I had been geeking over T.M. Stevens’ baseline on “I Shoulda Loved Ya” a few days earlier. When we were arranging “My First Car”, Dart started playing like T.M., and we freaked and called the Iso. Stevie Wonder ‘let Nate be great,’ and we ‘let Joe go, go Joe!’

“The song is just an A and B section repeated, but we change the density of the arrangement, like when Theo [Katzman] starts playing subdivisions on guitar. Woody [Goss] wrote the tune on Rhodes, but by the third take (the one we used), he was playing the least.”

In the words of one of the video’s commenters: “Big-headed? groove!”

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  1. That’s one good bass line!

  2. these guys never disappoint

  3. big head vulfpeck!!! big groove! cool vid.

  4. Really nice tune. I like all of the space that the players left. It didn’t detract or diminish the fact that they are obviously very good on their instruments! More Vulfpeck, please!

  5. BassDreamsIi

    The epitome of “less is more”

  6. bootoxkicker

    My favorite is the yellow tape over the bass’s label…WTF??