Cryptopsy: Two-Pound Torch Bass and Guitar Playthrough

Prepare to have your face melted.

Here’s an insane video of Cryptopsy bassist Olivier Pinard and guitarist Chris Donaldson ripping through the song “Two-Pound Torch” from the band’s self-titled album. Pinard proves to be just as nimble as Donaldson and employs several techniques to spice up the bass line.

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  1. amazing playing…totally not my thing but amazing playing, and thank god there were none of those ridiculous rawrrawrrawr vocals that so much of this genre has.

  2. I am amazed as usual from this stellar group! I know metal vocals will be accepted by other genres and I can understand way. I always explained it to my friends who are guitarists and bassists in other genres as simply putting distortion on your voice. And of course, the vocals represent a deeper meaning in the metal genre…

  3. Slaying it! Or should I say Cryptopsing it, probably not.
    Awesome video and amazing players!

  4. I’m almost 40 and I grew up listening 80’s thrash metal among other styles. I like some old school death metal , but I don’t get the deal with all this new stuff. I mean, they play a very high level, but their music makes no sense to me : too fast, too complex and too brutal for my taste. If we talk about dynamics , this song keeps a very high and stressing energy level which disturbs me. Anyway, these guys are very talented players.No doubt about this.

  5. Truly amazing playing,breathtaking technique! If it was these two and a drummer who left an inch of space anywhere, I’d listen to it a lot! As it is, I get bored very quickly, and it’s the drummers; every beat, every syncopation, and every 64th note in between has to be hammered home; there’s no room for the music (or me) to breath and just feel the pulse. I know it’s the genre and that’s fine, but it’s just not for me. I love music with some space in it for me to use my body in feeling the pulse; this is like torture by drumming!

    • Witchdoctor General

      I agree. The technique and discipline are exceptionally tight and strong but musically there was nothing there for me. I need more groove and soul rather than just lightning fast licks in odd time signatures.

  6. kg

    Killer technique, that’s obvious. The parts are highly appropriate, if not exemplary for the genre (that bass part was above par, though). I think a lot of folks listen to music and insist on their own vision of what they want it to be rather than appreciating it for what it is. Growling vocals, super busy drums, brutal fff dynamics from start to finish…it’s the composer’s choice. Not that it has to be your “thing” of course. I suppose they gave Mozart the “too many notes” line, too… ;)

    • Wow I’m glad pop and country are not like this I would be lost great playing let’s be real were does this rate on top 20 billboard music charts were the money is made. And how many people can you attract to fill a club playing this sorry just looking at reality brings me back to less is sometimes more just saying