Doug Johns: The Dougumentary

Doug Johns is one of the funkiest bassists alive. The Terra State Video Club caught some of the funk with this 45-minute look into his style, his outlook, and his personality.

“I’m proud to announce… The Dougumentary!” Johns shared on Facebook. “Filmed at Terra State Community College/Terra Video Club/ Brandon Beining, Mark Grine, Chris Cavera. These are all talented cats! I’m grateful for their time and expertise in the making of “The Dougumentary.” Sit back, grab a drink, maybe some potato chips, dip, another drink, and watch (please do in that order). I think you’ll enjoy.”

We think you will, too.

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  1. this is really good!! but i think they forgot to “compress” the audio on it?

  2. nobody on the planet like this guy….wow

  3. Nice… Doug Johns is a bad muddah!

  4. Very honest n inspiring! ! Plus he can really play!!!

  5. somebody needs to light a match with doug johns. that’s one funky dude. in the pocket every time.

  6. Around the 9:00 mark he speaks of talking on the bass. That’s the key right there.

    Great film, great player and a great guy.

  7. Awesome documentary.. absolutely fantastic player.. and great guy.

  8. Great Dougumentary!!
    He is a true musical spirit and composer.
    Deep pocket and can work the logistics to maintain his infrastructure.
    And, really…isn’t that what it is for all pilgrims on the music road?
    Well done, man.