Rush: “Working Man (Vault Edition)”, Isolated Bass & Drums

Forty years ago (gasp), Rush released their self-titled debut. Among the tracks on the album was “Working Man”, which was the tune that put them on the map in Cleveland, as the story goes.

In 2008, the band discovered an alternate version of the tune which they dubbed “Working Man (Vault Edition)”, and they allowed it to be used in the game Rock Band.

From that comes this isolated track with Geddy Lee’s gutsy bass and John Rutsey’s drums.

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  1. Fender P Bass!!!
    really like the rick more…

  2. Really shows whatta SHITE band these Canadian wankers were. Crap.

  3. Hahahaha! Oh, shit the ending is a faken TRAINWRECK!

    • Cheezus

      What do you call the people who hang out with the bands musicians? Drummers.

  4. This is fantastic. The drums and bass are so tight together. I LOVE the sound of Geddy’s Fender Precision. The Rick still has more of a clang though! Also, I can’t believe some of the comments above..!