Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in May 2014

Hard to believe another month is coming to an end.

But the good news is that it means we have a top 10 list of the most popular gear stories for the month.

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Gibson Introduces Memory Cable With Built-In Recorder

1. Gibson Memory Cable With Built-In Recorder

Gibson has unveiled a new development in the world of instrument cables with the introduction of their new Memory Cable. The cable, which works on bass, guitar or keyboards, has a built-in, TASCAM-designed recorder that can save up to 13 hours of playing to a microSD card…

Analog Alien Shipping Alien Bass Station

2. Analog Alien Alien Bass Station

Analog Alien is now shipping the Alien Bass Station, a pedal that puts three effects into one box. The effects, which include a limiter, an amp generator, and a gamma fuzz, can be used independently or simultaneously for tonal flexibility…

Monster Updates Bass Cable

3. Monster Bass Cable Update

Monster has updated their line of Rock, Bass, and Acoustic cables, which are designed with features to accent the specific instruments. The series has been upgraded with new 24K gold connectors that feature a collet strain relief to clamp down on the Duraflex jacket when screwed together…

Sandberg Introduces Electra M-4 Bass

4. Sandberg Electra M-4 Bass

Sandberg has added the new M-4 model to the Electra series of basses. This latest addition joins the previous models to round out the three most common classic bass styles with a single humbucker with a 2-band EQ…

Electro-Harmonix Introduces the Nano Bass Big Muff Pi

5. Electro-Harmonix Nano Bass Big Muff Pi

Electro-Harmonix has expanded their bass offerings with the announcement of the Nano Bass Big Muff Pi, a distortion/sustainer pedal that blends features of its predecessors into a smaller package…

Kala Brand Music Introduces USA Acoustic-Electric Exotic Wood U-Basses

6. Kala Brand Music USA Acoustic-Electric Exotic Wood U-Basses

Ukelele company Kala Brand Music made heads turn five years ago with the introduction of the U-Bass, a ukelele sized bass with proprietary polyurethane strings. The company is now celebrating the five year milestone by introducing the USA Acoustic-Electric Exotic wood U-Bass series…

Luminlay Introduces M19 Luminescent Knobs

7. Luminlay M19 Luminescent Knobs

Luminscent position marker company Luminlay has expanded their product line to include the MA19 series of knobs. The knobs, which come in five colors, are inlaid with luminescent numbers for easy visibility on a dark stage…

Keeley Electronics Releases Neutrino Envelope Filter

8. Keeley Electronics Neutrino Envelope Filter

Keeley Electronics is now shipping the Neutrino, an envelope filter thatâ??s built for both bass and guitar. The hand-built pedal is a modern compact circuit of an opto-coupler based design that borrows concepts from their other stompboxes…

TC Electronic Announce Four New Mini Pedals

9. TC Electronic’s Four New Mini Pedals

TC Electronic has released a new line of Mini Pedals, which takes their existing TonePrint stompboxes and retools them to fit into smaller enclosures. The lineup includes the Flashback Mini Delay, Shaker Mini Vibrato, Corona Mini Chorus and Vortex Mini Flanger…

Spector Releases Limited Edition Alex Webster “Zombie Drip” Euro5LX Bass

10. Spector Limited Edition Alex Webster “Zombie Drip” Euro5LX Bass

Spector is now shipping a limited edition version of the Alex Webster Euro5LX, featuring a reverse “Zombie Drip” design over a red finish. The new color design is rounded out with red outlined Spector fret inlays and a red Spector logo on the black headstock…

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