Molten Voltage Introduces The Tempode

Molten Voltage The Tempode

Molten Voltage has released The Tempode, a MIDI clock generator pedal for synchronizing up your MIDI-capable pedals to a single device. The Tempode can be used as a stand-alone device but is also compatible with all MIDI controllers.

Built for simplicity, the pedal has MIDI in and out jacks and a pair of footswitches to start the clock or tap your tempo. It can store and recall tempo for 128 programs and can also be used to command other Molten Voltage devices to self-program.

The Molten Voltage Tempode is built in Oregon and runs on a 9-volt Boss-style power adapter. It’s available now with a street price of $140.

Molten Voltage Tempode Overview:

Molten Voltage Tempode Details:

Stand-alone or Inline PedalBoard MIDI Clock Generator
Precision Tap Tempo control
Stores and recalls tempo for 128 programs
Start/Stop and Tempo can be remotely controlled with MIDI Control Change messages
Optional MIDI Clock Auto-Start on Program Change
MIDI Input Filter and Repeater
Riveted Steel MIDI Jacks
2-color LED
Compatible with all major MIDI controllers

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