Jaco Pastorius: “Domingo” Isolated Bass

We’re closing out Isolated Bass Week 4 with our first ever isolated bass entry by the one and only Jaco Pastorius.

This isolated bass track of “Domingo” came from The Birthday Concert recording session. And who better than Peter Erskine to describe it:

“On a whim, I asked mix engineer James Farber to run a quick mix (at the end of the 2nd long day of mixing) if Jaco’s bass: one channel direct and one channel bass amp mic (for sound as well as for hearing some of the band for reference)…kept the DAT tape, so glad that Warners Japan contacted me to see if I had any unreleased Jaco solos, etc. Stay tuned, Jaco and Weather Report fans: a 4 CD compilation of board tape magic has been prepared for release by Sony Legacy, recorded during some of the tours I did with Weather Report (both quartet and quintet recordings, including some more Jaco solo performances).”

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  1. Undeniable genius.

  2. Jaco was the first fretless I can recall having heard. He was truly an amazing artist.