Keeley Electronics Releasing Bassist Compressor Pedal

Keeley Bassist Compressor PedalAfter introducing it at the NAMM show this year, Keeley Electronics is now readying to ship the Bassist Compressor. Described as an affordable studio-grade dbx compressor in stompbox format, the pedal is built around the THAT Corporation 4320 integrated circuit that utilizes voltage controlled amplifiers, an on-board true-RMS detector, and high performance op-amps.

The Bassist works as a compressor as well as a limiting amplifier. Its operation is pared down to three controls: Gain, Threshold, and Compression. The effect’s attack and release are set to adapt to your playing level and signal input. Keeley offers several compression settings for different sounds.

“A typical soft compressor setting would be 2:1 above threshold,” they write. “A good starting ratio for the Compression control may be 4:1 as it generally sounds good with bass guitar. A ratio of 5:1 or 6:1 will sound great for slap or funk-style playing. For synth-bass try 10:1 Compression.”

The Keeley Bassist Compressor pedal will be shipping November 4th. It has a direct price of $259 with a pre-order price of $199.

Keeley Bassist Compressor Pedal Demo:

Keeley Bassist Compressor Pedal Details:

Voltage Input:9.6V
Current Draw:15mA
Input Impedance:1 Meg ohm
Output Impedance:100 ohm
Output Voltage Gain:+30dB Boost
Bandwidth:> 20kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion:0.1%
Threshold Indicator:Dual LED
Build:100% Hand-built in USA

For more information:
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