Devi Ever: FX Announces Big Distortion Sound Machine

Devi Ever Big Distortion Sound MachineDevi Ever: FX has unveiled the Big Distortion Sound Machine, a parallel distortion that combines their Ruiner and Torn’s Peaker fuzz circuits. The company, which is now owned by the same people that run Dwarfcraft Devices, says the pedal was designed for bass guitar but is applicable to guitar or keyboard as well. It is the first release under the company’s new ownership.

The Ruiner circuit focuses on the bass frequencies with a “synthy, bass heavy square wave fuzz.” It has a more simplistic control layout with Gain and Volume knobs to adjust the signal. The Torn’s Peaker half of the pedal focuses on the midrange and treble frequencies with more complex controls. A Zazz knob controls textural changes while a P/AE knob allows for subtle gain and tone shifts. The Worse switch toggles the overall effect from a traditional fuzz to an extreme distortion.

The pedal has dual outputs; one for each circuit. Both effects are mixed down to Output 2 for simultaneous use. The Devi Ever: FX Big Distortion Sound Machine will be shipping soon with a street price of $200.

Devi Ever: FX Big Distortion Sound Machine Demo:

Devi Ever: FX Big Distortion Sound Machine Details:

Power: 2.1mm 9v DC center negative plug
Parallel Distortion – Ruiner and Torn’s Peaker Circuits
Stereo or Mono Ouput

For more information:
Devi Ever: FX

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  1. Darko

    Lamest pedal demo EVER!