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Niacin: Blood, Sweat & Beers

Dennis Chambers is on the short list of drummers I’d love to play with, and I’m sure most bass players would agree.

Billy Sheehan is one of those bassists lucky enough to do just that, in the band Niacin.

Here’s the trio with John Novello on keys performing “Blood, Sweat & Beers.”

This one grooves. Oh yeah.

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Steven Smith

man. sheehan’s tone has a serious bite. great groove here. and chambers is just a machine. i’m diggin’ this big time.

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Oh man, I haven’t thought about this band in quite some time. I used to have one of their CD’s… good stuff. Killer bluesy rock groove going on. And yeah, sign me up, I wanna play with Dennis too!


I wish there was a recording of what Billy Sheehan is saying to himself as he plays.