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MJC Ironworks Launches New Bass Strings

MJC Ironworks Bass StringsMichael Connolly has launched a new string company called MJC Ironworks, which the industry veteran describes as a company with “geek-like intensity to detail.” Its first products are a line of strings for bass players.

The lineup includes stainless steel and nickel-plated versions in a variety of gauges. Available in 4, 5, 6, and 7-string sets, the strings are shipped in a tin container with a specially treated foam strip that emits a corrosion-prohibiting protectant to preserve the strings. The strip, which MJC Ironworks calls RNPROTECTS, is also used to continue preserving the strings whenever the instrument is stored in its case.

“A pure un-treated metal string makes a perfect sound, but metals are immediately attacked by moisture, salt and all the bad stuff in air the moment the string is made,” Connolly explains. “To combat this attack, string manufactures have devised coatings to ward off anything that can attack a string. The trade-offs between coating and un-treated strings are comprises to the sound that a metal string can make. RNPROTECTS works by bonding electrochemically with metal surfaces to create a molecular umbrella to seal out air and moisture that cause corrosion. RN Protects also migrates onto any nearby metal surface through a natural occurring static charge, yet with no buildup. It is non-toxic, user-safe and derived from natural, organic sources. And it won’t harm plastics, elastomers or painted surfaces.”

MJC Ironworks strings are available now with prices ranging from $25 to $40.

MJC Ironworks Bass Strings Features:

4,5,6, and 7-string Sets
Multiple Gauge Offerings

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