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Bass of the Week: CG Lutherie Orchid

This week we’re checking out the Orchid bass by CG Lutherie, a headless bass with some sleek features. The unique body shape includes a forearm contour and an extended upper horn, while the majority of the bass’s top sits flush thanks to recessed volume and tone controls.

CG Lutherie Orchid Bridge View

While the bass is fully customizable, this fretless Orchid features a stunning poplar burl top matched to a maple neck and fitted with an ebony bridge. The controls are also matched to the bass’s top. Other features include a piezo pickup system, a Noll TCM2 preamp, and ABM tuners.

For more information, check out the CG Lutherie website.

CG Lutherie Orchid Specs:

Top:Poplar Burl
Pickup:Ghost Piezo
ElectronicsNoll TCM2
Finish:Oil Finish