Bass of the Week: Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass

Fender set the standard with the Precision Bass in 1951, following it up the Jazz Bass in 1960. This week we’re taking a look at a bass that sleekly blends the two icons: the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass. The blacked out bass features a slender basswood body fitted with a P/J pickup configuration.

Contoured for comfort, the Aerodyne’s top has cream binding to accent the all black body. It skips out on a pickguard and even has a black Stratocaster output jack for good measure. The bass’s maple neck has a “C” profile and is topped by a 7.25″-radius stained rosewood fingerboard with 20 medium jumbo frets and no inlays.

The hardware, which includes a 4-saddle bridge and knurled dome knobs, is finished in smoked chrome. The Standard Single-Coil Jazz Bass and Standard Split Single-Coil Precision Bass pickups are matched to passive electronics with separate volume controls and a master tone knob.

For more information, check out the Fender website.

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass Specs:

Fingerboard:Stained Rosewood
Inlay:Side Dots
Frets:20 Medium Jumbo
Nut:Synthetic Bone
Pickups:Standard Single-Coil Jazz Bass, Standard Split Single-Coil Precision Bass
Bridge:4-Saddle Standard
Tuners:Standard Open-Gear
Other Features:Unique Radius/Carved Top, No Pickguard, Silver Applique Logo

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  1. Lee Bigland

    I think my jazz and precision basses need a new friend…

  2. Ian

    I highly recommend this bass. If anyone is looking for a new bass consider this. The neck is outstanding and the tone is amazing.

  3. Jack-Rufus Kelly

    I play this bad boy as my main bass, have done for about 6years now. To be fair, I’m only young and would only say I’ve found myself in pro standard situations in the past year. This sleek machine is a beauty.

    The faults of this bass would be;
    . The cheap electronics, they’re dull and although ‘fine’ aren’t worth getting attached to.
    . The ridge above the bridge pickup due to the curve top and binding creates this steep ‘sharp’ edge, so when I play on the bridge sitting down or in a high strap position it rubs my wrist in a bad way creating pain on the underside of my wrist where my tendons are (this is only playing finger style!). Particularly when I tense up a little for 16th stuff or octaves (or both!). – conversely, the neck (p-pickup) positions holds my wrist like a glove.

    For the huge problems I’ve announced here, I do love this bass, I’ve got a creamy low action set up on it, access around it is good and the PJ set-up makes the bass very versatile. It also looks the part, this bass never looks bad, ever. No matter what you’re playing or where.

    Unfortunately though, my issue which might be unique about the wrist pain is a serious downer, so I am considering a change but would defo recommend this to a friend and aim to keep it in my arsenal even if only as a backup!

  4. Would like to purchase the Luthman,basses,lady M 10th anniversary, need the info.

  5. Tammy brewer

    How much does this weight?

  6. Joe Mrozinski

    Love this in an unlined fretless version . Any hopes on that ??

  7. Marcus Jones

    My main bass for years now. I absolutely love it to bits. Would recommend to anyone.

  8. Anaughtybear

    I had one for a week and sold it. It was absolute garbage. Cheap and played like it came right out of a damp shed. Hardware was loose. Vanilla, undefined tone.

  9. Julio Bittencourt

    Looks like Frank Bello’s signature.

  10. Toto Merino

    Why haven’t Fender put out a 24 fret Jazz Bass? That’d be great.

  11. Love mine. Looks great, plays great. Replaced stock PU’s with Bartolinis. Main reason for purchasing was to get something lighter – that wouldn’t cause pain after four hours on stage. Did the trick. The cut down body is very comfortable.

  12. XontheP

    It should also be pointed out that this bass is made in Japan. On eBay you can find more colors and configurations that aren’t manufactured for export.

  13. don

    sweetest bass I ever played. the neck is awesome, the passive elecs, light weight, made in japan, perfect. fender japan is the BALLS!!!!

    best bass I ever had. fender japan is awesome. the neck is incredible.

  14. I really love my Aerodyne P-bass. I love having the bridge pickup and it’s so unique to look at. Endless compliments and curiosity at shows.

    • Scott Griswold

      I have an aerodyne bass and LOVE it. I upgraded the picks to Bartolini and put on a Schaller bridge. The picks upgrade gives the bass a deeper,, smoother tone. And my normal sized fingers like the thin neck and 7.5 radius fretboard.

  15. Judith Norton.

    Love these posts. X

  16. Jorge

    Fender people, what about a Rumble 100w or 200w with those digital effects..

  17. Peter

    Yes i have been tempted many times

  18. Paul Foti

    I turned mine into a fretless, as having no dots on the fingerboard made it visually perfect for the transition. The position of the P pickup is a bit more close to the neck than a standard P, which gives it a more dark low end than a regular P. Stock pickups are so-so. Lot’s of options for replacements out there. the Japanese craftsmanship is superior. Overall, a truly great bass for the money!

  19. Sam

    I know the main purpose of a guitar is to play it, LOL. I love everything about the sound, the weight, the feel…… What made me wanna try it out was the look, as someone mentioned earlier it looks like Frank Bella’s signature. However, the finish is kind of cheap. I’ve only had the bass for four months and I take really good care of it, and it looks like I’ve had it for four years. If I play with a picket all I get big dents in the finish.