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Levy’s Leathers Introduces M317HPR Harper Designer Strap

Levy’s Leathers Harper Designer StrapLevy’s Leathers has introduced the M317HPR Harper Designer strap, a deluxe pull-up leather strap decorated with a ridge down the center to accent its pull-up nature. Available in Rust coloring, the strap is 2½ inches wide with a soft suede backing.

It’s adjustable from 37 inches to 51 inches. It will be available with a suggested retail price $122.26.

Levy’s Leathers Harper Designer Strap Details:

Length:37″ to 51″
Material:Veg Tan Leather

For more information:
Levy’s Leathers

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Or, if you prefer to not flush money away, you can get their regular strap for like 20 bucks.