Vulfpeck: Live at Bonnaroo (2016)

Clear your schedule for the afternoon, because this is one of the longer videos we’ve featured.

Vulfpeck made an appearance at Bonnaroo back in June. Thankfully the performance was filmed.

Here’s the band’s entire show, anchored as always by the fantastic Joe Dart.

Here’s the set list:

  1. 5:30: Christmas in LA
  2. 10:32: Fugue State
  3. 13:01: Back Pocket Crowd Vocal Prep
  4. 14:55: Back Pocket
  5. 18:46: Birdwatcher
  6. 21:45: My First Car
  7. 25:31: Up on Cripple Creek (the Band)
  8. 30:53: Funky Duck
  9. 33:57: 1612
  10. 37:20: Wait for the Moment
  11. 42:55: Beastly
  12. 49:13: Love and Happiness(Al Green)
  13. 54:06: It Gets Funkier
  14. 58:19: I Wish(Stevie Wonder)
  15. 1:00:08: It Gets Funkier

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Share your thoughts

  1. rOb

    man i love this band.

  2. steven smith

    wow! that’s all. and one more word: beastly!

  3. Mark S Beretta

    Very nice music , bass is great.

  4. jake

    These guys are fantastic, I love Joe Darts playing and tone. Finally a fingerstyle jazz bass sound I can get behind :)