New Book Offers Jaco “Ultimate Bass Lesson”

Play Like Jaco Pastorius: The Ultimate Bass LessonBass instructor and author Jon Liebman’s latest book teaches you how to play like one of the greats.

In “Play Like Jaco Pastorius: The Ultimate Bass Lesson” Liebman examines and analyzes everything from Jaco’s technique and equipment to his licks and his “stylistic DNA,” according to one book description.

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, who produced the recent, well-received “Jaco” documentary, provides the forward.

The 88-page book comes with access to audio files to help you play a slew of great Jaco songs.

Song List:

  1. Barbary Coast
  2. Birdland
  3. Blackbird
  4. The Chicken
  5. Come On, Come Over
  6. Donna Lee
  7. Havona
  8. Invitation
  9. Liberty City
  10. Opus Pocus
  11. Palladium
  12. Portrait Of Tracy
  13. Rockin’ In Rhythm
  14. Teen Town
  15. (Used To Be A) Cha Cha

“Play Like Jaco Pastorius: The Ultimate Bass Lesson,” is available here.

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  1. Phil chen

    Jon thanx for the great JACO book n keeping his flame alive he n James Jamerson are two of my heroes along many more greats i thank you AINT NOTHING LIKE D REAL BASS TING RASTA ONE????