Iron Ether Electronics Retools FrantaBit for 2016

Iron Ether FrantaBit Effects PedalIron Ether Electronics has revamped their FrantBit effects pedal for 2016 with upgrades and a new feature. The bit crusher/sample rate reducer now has a built-in expression attenuator knob that allows for dialing in the range of the expression sweep, plus better audio fidelity and improved expression response.

“In all modes, the expression value is now added to the on-board knob you’re controlling, rather than just taking over control from the knob,” they write. “This means you can set the exact minimum and maximum values to sweep through, and in “+” mode, even set different ranges of sweep for Samples and Bits, to very finely tune your sound.”

The FrantaBit crushes your sound to get a variety of lo-fi crunchiness and “video game synth sounds”, among other tones. Its expression jack can be assigned to bit depth, sample rate, both, or clean/effect mix. It’s available now for $235.

Iron Ether Electronics FrantaBit Effects Pedal Features:

Sample Rate/Bit Reducer
New Expression Attenuator Knob
Samples, Mix, Bits, Mode, Volume, and Exp controls
Power: 9VDC
Made in Louisiana

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