Pigtronix Introduces the Disnortion Micro Pedal

Pigtronix Disnortion Micro PedalPigtronix has announced a micro version of their popular Disnortion pedal, which features all of the 18-volt headroom of the original analog Fuzz and Overdrive circuits into a smaller unit that runs on 9 volts. It also has a couple upgrades.

“This new Micro version of the Disnortion hugely one-ups the original’s broad palette of touch-responsive dirt sounds by including the ability to switch from a parallel routing to a new, super-saturated series routing where the 6-stage CMOS overdrive circuit is cascaded into unique Pigtronix diode-clipping fuzz, and then output through a 6-way passive filter network,” the company writes. “A single gain knob controls the saturation of both the fuzz and overdrive circuits simultaneously. The Parallel routing mode is ideal for players who like to pile on the gain without sacrificing clarity, dynamic response, punch or low end. The Series routing mode offers an even wider range of gain and more extreme filter effects for metal tones and beyond, including self-oscillating timbres that can be modulated by pickup selection and guitar control settings.”

The Disnortion Micro also has a rotary tone control with six EQ curves: No Filter, Mid Bump, Low Pass, Treble, Mid Scoop, and Low Pass. Check out this demo featuring Juan Alderete on bass:

The Pigtronix Disnortion Micro is available now with a street price of $129.

Pigtronix Disnortion Micro Pedal Features:

6-stage CMOS Overdrive
Diode-clipping Fuzz
Series / Parallel switching
6-way passive filter network
18v internal headroom
True Bypass switching
Size = 3.75″ x 1.5″ x 1.75″
Sound design by David Koltai

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