Talking Technique: Intro To Triplets In Walking Bass Lines

In the last lesson, we covered adding “burps” into walking bass lines and how to practice them systematically. This time we’re spicing up your walking with triplets. We’ll go over several variations to get these triplets under your fingers and ready to go on all beats of the bar.

To keep a focused practice session, we’re going to narrow it down to focusing on descending triplets using notes from the triad. As always, the systematic way of practicing is a stepping stone. You want to get comfortable with all angles in your focused practice session, then put all of that aside to play freely and let the music guide you.

Follow along with this PDF and write some of your own exercises!

Austrian-gone-Californian Ariane Cap is a bassist, educator, blogger and author. In her book Music Theory for the Bass Player and corresponding 20-week online course, she teaches music theory, bass technique, bass line creation and fretboard fitness in a systematic, practical and experiential way. She just released a brand new course on ear training for the bass player: Ear Confidence - 6 Paths to Fearless Ears. Contact her via her blog or website.

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