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Verellen Amps Unveils the Meatflip Flip-Top Bass Combo Amp

Verellen Amps Meatflip Flip-Top Bass Combo AmpBen Verellen of Verellen Amps has shared his latest creation called the Meatflip. Designed as a custom build for a customer, the 100-watt amp puts the company’s flagship Meatsmoke preamp into a flip top bass combo. Now Verellen will offer the design in a small production run.

The Meatflip preamp will have foot switchable clean and overdrive channels. Controls include Volume, Overdrive, Bass, Midrange, Master Volume, and Overdrive Master. It’s fitted with a lightweight neodymium 15-inch speaker (though a ceramic driver will be an option) and a Jensen transformer coupled XLR DI output.

The Verellen Amps Meatflip is hand-wired and assembled in Seattle, Washington. It will be available for $2,700.

Verellen Amps Meatflip Flip-Top Bass Combo Amp Features:

100 Watts
Flip-Top Combo Amp
Footswitchable Clean/Overdrive Channels
3-Band EQ
15-inch Neodymium Driver (Ceramic Available)
Hand-Wired, Assembled and Tested in Seattle, Washington Using High Quality Components