2017 Reader Favorites – #9: Tim Starace

Editor’s Note: At the end of each year, we tally up all the article and video views on No Treble to come up with a list of the top 10 most popular bassists. This is entirely based on readership, not on opinions, polls, or anything else. Just having some fun.

Tim Starace

We first shared a video by YYNOT back in 2016. But it was 2017 when the band really got going – not only with some incredible Rush covers but also some impressive Rush-inspired originals.

And No Treble readers (and us) really dig the monster tone Tim Starace produces on each video they share.

Check out the videos that landed Tim at the #9 slot on this year’s reader favorites list:

YYNOT: Kingdom Come (Official)

1. YYNOT: Kingdom Come

Last June, we featured the audio track for YYNOT’s original tune, “Kingdom Come.” Now the band has released their official video. The Rush-inspired virtual band did this video the way they’ve put together all their terrific covers: shot/recorded in multiple locations, including Southern California, Florida, and Nashville…

YYNOT: The Curtain Falls

2. YYNOT: The Curtain Falls

YYNOT recorded a video for their latest Rush-inspired original, which was released in March. “The Curtain Falls” features some gritty bass by Tim Starace, as well as the band’s new drummer, Chris Moore…



This is the one I’ve been waiting for from YYNOT. The virtual Rush cover band has just released their cover of “YYZ.” This is their first video with the band’s new drummer, Chris Moore, who joins bassist Tim Starace and guitarist Billy Alexander. Tim even handles the keyboards on this one, Geddy-style…

YYNOT: Invisible Heart

4. YYNOT: Invisible Heart

Fresh off their big debut concert in LA, here’s our favorite Rush-inspired band and their latest original, “Invisible Heart”…

YYNOT: What You’re Doing

5. YYNOT: What You’re Doing

Time for some more goodness from our favorite Rush cover band. In this video, the quartet goes old school with “What You’re Doing,” from Rush’s debut album. As always, the gritty tone of Tim Starace and his Ric is on display…

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