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Shin-ei Announces the B1G 1 Gain Booster Pedal

Shin-ei B1G 1 Booster PedalShin-ei has announced the B1G 1, a gain booster pedal that offers up to 30dB of boost. Useful for bass, guitar, and even vocals, the pedal is described as “totally transparent, non tone-coloring, and non tone-sucking.”

“Featuring 100% pure, high fidelity, studio-quality boost, the B1G 1 explodes with power, fattens your tone, and sacrifices nothing in the process,” Shin-ei writes.

The Shin-ei is hand-built in Austin, Texas with 16-gauge steel construction. It will be released in late January with a direct price of $469.

Shin-ei B1G 1 Booster Pedal Features:

9V Battery or Adapter Power
30db+ boost
Distortion free headroom!
For use on acoustic guitar, bass and even vocals
Heavy duty construction: Made from 16-gauge steel
Hand built in Austin, TX USA