Stu Hamm Working On New Solo Bass CD, Tour

Stuart Hamm: The Diary of Patrick XavierStu Hamm has announced a new solo bass CD and an accompanying tour. The Diary of Patrick Xavier promises to be an intimate listen, according to the bassist.

“My new project [is] a deeply personal Solo Bass CD based on my real life experiences, (and one AMAZING coincidence), that happened to me over the last few years,” he wrote on his IndieGOGO campaign page. “You see…I found this Diary in a Hotel in Italy. The author, “Patrick Xavier” had been going through many things that were completely different, yet EXACTLY THE SAME as what I had been going through on my Journey. So I just HAD to write Solo Bass pieces comparing his writings and my musical reactions to our shared experiences.”

Hamm is currently raising money for the project on IndieGOGO. Rewards for backers range from pre-ordered CDs to Skype lessons to private concerts. His solo bass tour is scheduled for February through April with dates TBA.

Check out the IndieGOGO campaign for more info.

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