BackBeat Wearable Subwoofer Available for Preorder

BackBeat Wearable Subwoofer

Bassist Yerko Sepulveda has introduced a new device for bassists called the BackBeat. The wearable, portable unit straps to the back of your strap and acts as rumble pack to let you feel the your notes as vibrations. This is especially helpful for modern bassists who use in-ear monitors and players who have to keep a low stage volume.

“Designed in Detroit, BackBeat is a wearable subwoofer designed to meet the performance and practice needs of the serious bass player,” the BackBeat’s Kickstarter campaign states. “When you play a string on your bass, BackBeat turns the sound you make into a vibration you can feel. Plug your headphones into the BackBeat for a complete auditory and tactile immersion experience.”

The BackBeat has an on/off switch and two knobs: one for controlling the amount of rumble, and one for the headphone level. It runs on a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that can be plugged into the wall for charging. Other features include a signal input jack, a signal output jack, and an aux input.

The BackBeat has already reached its goal on Kickstarter, but the campaign will be open until April 24th. The unit is expected to ship in September of 2018 with a projected retail price of $349. Kickstarter backers are able to pre-order one for an early bird price of $249.

Check out Victor Wooten demoing the BackBeat:

BackBeat Wearable Subwoofer Features:

ON/OFF - powers the BackBeat.
Rumble Control - controls rumble feel from zero to max.
Headphone Control - controls headphone volume from zero to max.
DC/recharge Jack - DC power connection to recharge internal Li-Ion battery or to use plugged into a wall outlet.
Signal INPUT - a signal plugged into this 1/4″ Jack will drive the transducer shaker as well as send the signal to the Headphone OUTPUT.
Signal OUTPUT - used in an Through scenario. Bass goes to IN, then OUT goes to DI box, wireless pack, amp, etc.
Aux INPUT - 1/8″ input from iPhone or MP3 player for practice.
Headphone OUTPUT - 1/8″ jack. Mixes anything connected to Signal INPUT and Aux INPUT.

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