Korora Audio Launches with the Spira Filter Modulation Pedal

Korora Audio Spira Filter Modulation PedalKorora Audio has launched their first pedal with the Spira, a filter modulation pedal inspired by the Shepard Tone Glissando. The unit has 24 parallel resonant bandpass filters for some serious flexibility.

“With the rate set low, Spira achieves the classic and recognizable Shepard Tone and can also be compared to comb filter and formant filter effects,” the company writes. “With the rate set higher, Spira produces a very musical tremolo modulation that has been compared to everything from flange to phaser to vibe/leslie, depending on the other filter settings.”

The Spira has an octave and tritone modes. Octave mode makes each filter sweep an octave below the previous one until the first filter reaches the end of its sweep and starts again. In tritone mode, the pedal uses twice the number of filters spaced a tritone apart. In a bonus mode, the filters are spaced alternately at an octave and half an octave throughout.

The Korora Audio Spira is available now for $299.

Korora Audio Spira Filter Modulation Pedal Features:

Up to 24 parallel resonant bandpass filters with rate, resonance, slope and density control - provides an incredible range of textures and moods
Blend and volume controls - to get the perfect balance between on and off levels
Soft touch true bypass
Top mounted jacks
Standard 9V DC power (180 mA), power supply included

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