Nathan Navarro: 10 Crazy Basses

Nathan Navarro shared this video saying, “I grabbed 10 of the craziest basses I could find at Warwick’s GuitCon 2018 event. I ducked into one of their offices and filmed a quick video with each of them. My personal favorite was a tie between the Alien Bass, Nobby Meidel, and quadruple pickup Streamer.”

Here’s the complete list, in order of appearance:

  1. Warwick Dual-Neck Star Bass (custom built for Leland Sklar)
  2. Ortega Caiman BS-GB
  3. Warwick Alien 5-String Fretless Acoustic-Electric
  4. Warwick W-Bass 30th Anniversary Special
  5. Warwick Streamer 1984 (with Quadruple EMG Pickups)
  6. Warwick Vampyre Sub-Bass
  7. Warwick Buzzard 8-String 1989 (custom built for John Entwistle)
  8. Warwick Triumph Custom (aluminum bass)
  9. Warwick Nobby Meidel 1994 (first model made by Warwick)
  10. Ibanez SRAS7 Fretted/Fretless 7-String

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