Darkglass Electronics Introduces the Microtubes X Ultra Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes X Ultra PedalDarkglass Electronics has introduced the Microtube X Ultra, which they say “greatly expands” on the versatility of their Microtubes X7 pedal. It has all the same controls as its predecessor but adds four key components: a six-band graphic EQ, an auxiliary input, a clean channel, and impulse response cabinet simulation.

“Our award-winning cabinet simulation module has been added to the already uber versatile multiband distortion engine and graphic equalizer making it a complete rig-in-a-box for studio and live performing,” Darkglass writes.

Similar to the X7, the X Ultra can compress and saturate the bass and treble frequencies, respectively. It has knobs for the low-end compression, the low-end level, the high-end level, and the high drive. Smaller knobs set the low pass and high pass frequencies. Other features include a USB port, a headphone output, and a direct output.

The Microtubes X Ultra will be available soon with a MAP of $429.

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes X Ultra Pedal Features:

6-Band Graphic EQ
Impulse Response Cabinet Simulation
Auxiliary Input
Clean Channel
High Pass/Low Pass Filters
Low Compressor
High Drive
Direct Output
USB Port
Power: 9VDC Center Negative Power Supply

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