Brady Watt and Bishop Nehru Release “The Real Book, Vol. 1”

Brady Watt and Bishop Nehru: The Real Book, Vol. 1Bassist and producer Brady Watt have teamed up with rapper Bishop Nehru to release The Real Book, Vol. 1. The five-song album blends Watt’s hip-hop bass lines into thicker textures with Nehru spitting bars over top. What began as simply exchanging ideas organically grew into a full-fledged EP, Nehru told Complex. Watt, who has a bass and rap YouTube series called Bass and Bars, added that the collaboration has been smooth.

“Bishop and I met thru DJ Premier and his involvement in my career is an incredible and rare blessing,” he told Complex. “I’ve been searching for an MC like Bishop to team up with in this capacity for a long time now. My dream and destiny as a producer is to be the dude responsible for the music end of an icon. Like a Quincy to Michael Jackson, Dre to Eminem, 40 to Drake.”

The Real Book, Vol. 1 starts with just layered fretless bass and voice on the track “Let The Bass Play.”

The Real Book, Vol. 1 is available for download or streaming on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

The Real Book, Vol. 1 Track List:

  1. Let The Bass Play
  2. Do Anymore
  3. Made for This
  4. Enjoy the Ride (feat. Jon B)
  5. Sacrifice (feat. Braxton Cook)

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