Matthew Jamal Releases Solo Debut, “Itinerant”

Matthew Jamal: ItnerantDouble bassist Matthew Jamal has released his debut solo EP, entitled Itinerant. Featuring only sounds from his bass and voice, the songs are described as “rooted in Jazz harmony while maintaining a style that is indie, experimental, and classical.”

Though he’s performed with artists like Wycliffe Gordon, Jamal’s style was honed with a loop pedal and effects on the streets of Washington, DC where he would play to raise money for school. The bassist would spend hours outside of subway stops to make ends meet, and as such Itinerant is inspired by those trying times.

“Growing up, there was a period in my life where things were hard for my family and me,” he writes. “The three of us were homeless for a year, and emotionally things were taking a toll on all of us. That time has deeply affected my approach to writing and performing music. I always try to connect the music back to a personal experience or feeling that I’ve had.”

Get a taste of the album with “Pretty Like a…”:

Itinerant is available now as a digital download via Bandcamp, (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Itinerant Track List:

  1. Set the Table
  2. Pretty Like a…
  3. Residual Love

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