Stone Deaf FX Introduces the Noise Reaper Pedal

Stone Deaf FX Noise Reaper PedalStone Deaf FX has introduced the Noise Reaper, a noise gate pedal designed for line-level instruments, guitars, and basses. The pedal evolved from the gate circuits used in their Warp Drive and Fig Fumb pedals.

The Noise Reaper centers around an oversized threshold knob that controls how much the gate opens to allow dynamics. “The pedal works by taking the input sensitivity of the guitar input and the noisy signal source and comparing the two which enables you to gate unwanted noise but still be able to sustain notes,” the company writes. “The LED indicates if the noise gate is on or off and it has a high-quality soft-touch relay-based true bypass footswitch/circuit.”

The pedal has three modes: Pedal mode, “Series FX Loop” mode, and “Double Up” mode, which requires a second Noise Reaper. Double Up allows for doubling the dynamic range fo the gating function.

The Stone Deaf FX Noise Reaper will be available soon with a street price of $160.

Stone Deaf FX Noise Reaper Pedal Features:

Threshold Control
THAT Corporation 2181C VCA
Three Modes: Pedal, Series FX Loop, Double Up
THD: 0.03%
Dynamic Range: 120dB
Output Noise: 0% or -98dB

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