Leland Sklar: Jackson Browne

Today is Leland Sklar’s birthday, so we wanted to celebrate with one of his many recent videos.

As many of you know, Lee has been giving us an extraordinary gift through this time of self-isolation, with a near-daily series of videos discussing – and playing – music from his vast career.

In this clip, Lee discusses the music he played with Jackson Browne, and the musicians he played with, including a play-along to “Doctor My Eyes.”

Happy birthday, Mr. Sklar!

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  1. Ian Gilmore

    Been watching pretty much all of his playthroughs. He’s such a tasteful player who bridges the gap between technicality and simplicity.

  2. Judy Johnson

    Is Leland straight and is he single? He seems cool. I am a 62 yr old single and fun loving female from Co.

  3. Richard Kramer

    He gets the Grammy for best coronabeard.

  4. Alfred Pagano

    Anyone who says “Bitchin” is OK in my book. Legendary!

  5. MikeyM

    This was great! Really enjoy the stories as well. Thank You Sir!

  6. Chris

    Hey Leland.
    I’m a guitar player, about your age.
    I’ve always loved bass lines, especially by great players.
    Your videos, that truly brings the bass out front are great to watch.
    Chris B
    Rye, NY

  7. stever h