Covet Releases “Technicolor”

Covet: TechnicolorCovet has returned with an exciting new album called Technicolor, which expands on their dreamy math-rock instrumentals with more vocal work. The group features guitarist Yvette Young utilizing extended technique to create melodies with bassist David Adamiak and drummer Forrest Rice laying down complementary textures.

“We know things are tense and had no idea that the world would look like this right now, but we hope that this music can uplift and be a little source of comfort and healing,” the band writes. “This album has been a total labor of love, and we hope these songs add some color to your days”

Adamiak’s tone is full with enough bite to have a distinct character. Hear his great lines in the song “parachute,” featuring Young’s vocals:

Technicolor is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Technicolor Track List:

  1. good morning
  2. atreyu
  3. parachute
  4. predawn (feat. Phillip Jamieson)
  5. nero
  6. pirouette
  7. ares
  8. parrot
  9. odessa
  10. farewell

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