Lorin Cohen Announces “New Shapes for Bass” Instructional Package

New Shapes for BassBassist, composer, and No Treble contributor Lorin Cohen has just released a new digital instruction package called New Shapes for Bass. Centered around a 71-page ebook, the package includes twelve exercises for electric and double bass with fingerings for both instruments in every key. Cohen also includes videos, backing tracks, and more to help solidify the patterns.

“These 12 exercises represent a selection of musical shapes that I’ve compiled over the years to play on common jazz chord structures,” he explains. “In presenting these materials, my objectives are to broaden the scope of the possibilities of fingerings, to increase our fingerboard knowledge, to expand our melodic and harmonic range, to access the core sounds of common chord types, and to ‘level up’ our ability to play in all keys.”

The package also comes with a three-part “Groove Rules” video training series to develop your groove, plus Cohen offers one private online 20-minute lesson when you buy the package. It’s available now for $59.99.

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