Fantastic Negrito Recruits Cornelius Mims for “Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?”

Fantastic Negrito: Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?Two-time Grammy winner and NPR Tiny Desk winner Fantastic Negrito has returned with his third album, entitled Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? Fusing blues, R&B, funk, and rock, the album keeps you bobbing your head straight through. The artist tapped a few friends (Tank and the Bangas, E-40, and Masa Kohama) for the effort, but he also recruited bass heavyweight Cornelius Mims to make it groove.

Mims has worked with artists like Ray Parker Jr., Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, and Tupac Shakur. All that experience shows in his work, but you can also tell he still just loves to play the bass. Watch him get creative with Fantastic Negrito in this clip from “Behind The Album”:

You can hear Mims’s fat, West Coast bass style at work on the track “How Long?”

Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Bandcamp).

Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? Track List:

  1. Chocolate Samurai
  2. I’m So Happy I Cry (featuring Tank and Bangas)
  3. How Long?
  4. Shigamabu Blues
  5. Searching For Captain Save A Hoe (featuring E-40)
  6. Your Sex Is Overrated (featuring Masa Kohama)
  7. These Are My Friends
  8. All Up In My Space
  9. Justice In America
  10. King Frustration
  11. Platypus Dipster

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