2020 Reader Favorite Bassists – #1: Juliaplaysgroove


Editor’s Note: At the end of each year, we tally up all the article and video views on No Treble to come up with a list of the top 10 most popular bassists. This is entirely based on readership, not on opinions, polls, or anything else. Just having some fun.

We made it to #1. This one may surprise you, but I think there’s a very cool story here.

When I was planning No Treble’s debut 12 years ago, one of the primary goals for the magazine was to feature readers, and specifically, people you may not have heard of yet. We started out that way and grew that focus over the years. It’s deep in our DNA now.

When I was growing up, only the “famous” bassists got the ink. But the web has leveled the playing field for all of us.

The Reader Spotlight, daily videos, new albums, Old School, and even our interviews focus on people who wouldn’t have gotten that ink in past years. We’ve had many readers become contributors as well.

Nineteen-year-old Juliaplaysgroove made a name for herself via Youtube and her videos showcasing her technique, tone, and feel. Hundreds of thousands of people (at least) enjoy her videos, which also got attention from people like Stuart Zender, Thundercat, and Joe Dart.

But we didn’t know her story. So when Tim Fletcher decided to interview her, I was thrilled.

As it turns out, that interview was the second most popular feature in all of 2020. So many people want to know Juliaplaysgroove’s story, and I believe we were the first to publish an interview with her. Juliaplaysgroove is clearly an inspiration to younger bassists coming up, and impressive to the veterans.

So that’s a wrap, and what a way to end. Nothing makes me happier to see the spotlight pointing to the talented people around the world and to see that resonate with No Treble’s readers.

Sense of Groove: An Interview with Juliaplaysgroove

Sense of Groove: An Interview with Juliaplaysgroove

Tim Fletcher took some time to chat to nineteen-year-old Polish bassist Juliaplaysgroove, and she talks about her inspirations, her famous fans, and her aims for the future.
Bass Transcription: “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa, As Played By Juliaplaysgroove

Bass Transcription: “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa, As Played By Juliaplaysgroove

We are all used to seeing younger bassists playing amazing technical things on bass. Tim Fletcher returns with a new transcription focusing on Juliaplaysgroove’s impressive cover of Dua Lipa’s "Don’t Start Now."
Juliaplaysgroove: You Keep Me Hangin’ On

Juliaplaysgroove: You Keep Me Hangin’ On

Juliaplaysgroove has a new U-Bass, and she’s putting it to good use. In this clip, she takes on The Supremes hit tune, “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” and absolutely nails James Jamerson’s line (and the tone!)
Juliaplaysgroove: Baby, I’m Jealous

Juliaplaysgroove: Baby, I’m Jealous

Juliaplaysgroove is back with another stellar play-through video. In this clip, she plays along to Bebe Rexha’s “Baby, I’m Jealous”, grooving hard and obviously feeling it.
Juliaplaysgroove and Daniel Kapusta: Love Theory

Juliaplaysgroove and Daniel Kapusta: Love Theory

Juliaplaysgroove is back again with another video. This time, she is joined by Polish session drummer Daniel Kapusta and the duo takes on the Kirk Franklin track, “Love Theory”. As expected, nothing but fire from Julia.

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    u need to check out Stayne thee Angel there bassist is a beast