Marko Hietala Leaves Nightwish

Marko Hietala

After 20 years in the band, Marko Hietala has left the ranks of Nightwish. The bassist and co-vocalist, who joined the symphonic metal outfit in 2001, made a statement through the group’s social media, citing disillusionment with the music industry and depression.

“For quite a few years now I haven’t been able to feel validated by this life. We have streaming company big guns demanding 9/5 work from artists of inspiration while unfairly sharing the profits. Even among the artists. We’re the banana republic of the music industry,” he wrote. “This past year forced me to stay home and think. And I found myself very disillusioned about these and a lot of things. I found out that I am in need of that validation. For me to write, sing and play, I need to find some new reasons and inspirations. ‘My Walden’ so to speak. It’s even in my book that I’m a chronic depressive. It’s dangerous for me and the people around me if I continue. Some of the thoughts a while back were dark. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I have my two sons, a wife, the rest of the family, friends, a dog and lots of love. And I don’t think that I’ll be gone for good.”

Nightwish added their own thoughts to the post saying Hietala’s resignation left them with difficult decisions to make. They will be performing their upcoming “Human :II: Nature” world tour as planned with a to-be-named session bassist.

Hietala ended the statement by asking for privacy from media, bands, artists, and others for a full year. “I have some reinventing to do. I hope to tell you about it on 2022. It’s not a promise though,” he writes.

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