Peter Hook Releases “Substance: Inside New Order” Audiobook

Substance: Inside New Order AudiobookPeter Hook has plenty of great stories, as evidenced by his three hit books. Now, you can hear the inside scoop of New Order straight from Hooky’s mouth.

His 2016 book, Substance: Inside New Order, is now available on audiobook through Audible. Hook narrates the entire book across twenty hours.

Hook formed New Order with his fellow Joy Division members after the death of lead singer Ian Curtis. “We didn’t really think about it afterwards, it just sort of happened,” Hook says. “One day we were Joy Division and the next time we got together, we were a new band.”

The band’s unique sound blended post-punk and electronica to pave the way for the dance music revolution. “Throughout the Eighties, New Order scaled the heights of success, gaining international acclaim and touring the globe with huge hits including ‘Bizarre Love Triangle,’ ‘Perfect Kiss,’ ‘Regret’ and ‘Blue Monday’ – the biggest selling 12-inch single of all time,” a press release explains. “Yet, despite their success, the band has always been a collision of the visionary and the volatile, often fraught with tensions. Hooky chronicles how these relationships fell apart, detailing the splits, further splits and the final split in 2006.”

Hear a clip of Hook’s narration:

The audiobook version of Substance: Inside New Order is available now through Audible.

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  1. Jeff Hitz

    Any word when/if it will be available in the US?