Meshuggah Returns With “Immutable”

Meshuggah: ImmutableMeshuggah has returned with another crushing album called Immutable, which sees the band’s heavy and odd-metered music taken to a new level. The record is called a “fresh and fearsome revelation” that breaks from the relentless riffing of previous efforts like Koloss and The Violent Sleep of Reason.

“This album is more melodic. It’s longer, and in my opinion, it’s more dynamic than most of our albums,” explains guitarist Mårten Hagström. “The title fits perfectly for where we are as a band. Even though we’ve been experimenting all along, I also think we’ve been the same since day one. The way we approach things and why we still make new albums, and why we still sound the way we do, it’s immutable. Humanity is immutable, too. We commit the same mistakes over and over. And we are immutable. We do what we do and we don’t change.”

Bassist Dick Lövgren anchors their ninth studio album with a huge, burly tone alongside the group’s nine-string guitars. Hear him digging in on the stank-face-inducing groove of “The Faultless”:

Immutable is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Immutable Track List:

  1. Broken Cog
  2. The Abysmal Eye
  3. Light The Shortening Fuse
  4. Phantoms
  5. Ligature Marks
  6. God He Sees In Mirrors
  7. They Move Below
  8. Kaleidoscope
  9. Black Cathedral
  10. I Am That Thirst
  11. The Faultless
  12. Armies Of The Preposterous
  13. Past Tense

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