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Bass Videos - Page 359

11stringduo: Shape of My Heart

This cool Polish duo act, known as 11stringduo, features Tomasz Cyranowicz on bass and Zbigniew Godlewski on guitar. This is their arrangement and performance of Sting’s song “Shape of My Heart”.

Xiaohe Shi: A Bass Song About Beijing

Xiaohe Shi: A Bass Song About Beijing

Xiaohe Shi is a Chinese bass player living in Germany. This is his bass song about his hometown Beijing and about how a lot of its history, culture and tradition was lost in the building of the modern big city.

Keith Horne: Bass Solo on Miles Davis’ “All Blues”

This is the great Keith Horne soloing over the Miles Davis tune “All Blues”. Check out his amazing slap bass technique on that 6-string strung upside down!

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Grzegorz Kosi?ski: Mozart’s Turkish March

I’ve seen a few renditions of Mozart’s Turkish March done on bass, but this one is my favourite so far. It is performed by Grzegorz Kosi?ski on his Spector 5-string. This must be very tiring on his right arm to play though as he (for the most part of the song) only uses one finger on his right hand!

Percy Jones 5 Live

Here’s Percy Jones and his band, live in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1999. Not the best video or audio quality, but worth watching the fretless master do his thing.

Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden Live: Farmer’s Trust

Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden Live: Farmer’s Trust

Here’s a nice performance for a Sunday morning (or whenever you happen to be watching), featuring bassist Charlie Haden and guitarist Pat Metheny performing Metheny’s “Farmer’s Trust”, live in Vitoria in 2009.

Ney Conceição: Resposta

Check out the nice Brazilian groove on this video featuring Ney Conceição on the bass. The tune is called “Reposta”.

Michael Manring: Inside Look at “Sacred Love” Session

Here’s a great inside look at a recording session with Michael Manring, for Shambhu’s Sacred Love album. Manring demonstrates his EBow as well. For more on the release, visit

Blood Sweat & Tears: Gimme That Wine, Live (1993)

Here’s Blood Sweat & Tears, with Gary Foote on bass, performing live at the North Sea Jazz Festival on July 11, 1993. Foote solos, along with guitarist Larry DeBari and trumpeter Jerry Sokolov.

Larry Grenadier: Live Bass Solo, with Metheny/Mehldau

Here’s bassist Larry Grenadier taking a great upright bass solo with Metheny/Mehldau Quartet.

Don Schiff: Riding Off The Rails on Half Fretless NS/Stick

Here’s an interesting video with an even more interesting instrument… Don Schiff takes the Half Fretless NS/Stick for a spin:

Markus Strasser: “Touch Me” Bass Solo, Dedicated to Victor Wooten

Check out this creatively edited video of Markus Strasser playing a short bass solo dedicated to Victor Wooten.