Bruno Tauzin: Fender Jazz Bass Solo and Precision Groove

The Fender Jazz and Precision basses are iconic in their tonal qualities. Bruno Tauzin created a couple videos to showcase each with a groove on his Precision and a tasty solo on his Jazz.

Which one do you prefer? Tell us in the comments.

Fender Jazz Bass Solo

Fender Precision Bass Groove

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  1. Both sound great! The jazz sounded like it was just the bridge p/u… In which case you could do both with the p/j setup :-)

  2. I would like to learn the P-bass piece – do you have any charts for it (or tabs)…..?

  3. Man, grooviness is a hard thing to define but whatever it it, you’ve got it.

  4. Jazz bass wins for me.I prefer the pickups and the slim fast neck too.

  5. Not a real good comparison. He should have done the same solo on both to get a good idea. He played the P-bass with lower notes while he kept his jazz solo on much higher notes. Having said that – I love Fender Jags & jazz, but I will be getting me a P&J config’ed P-bass soon.

  6. It might have been better to play similar pieces on both basses? The Jazz isn’t just a high register soloing instrument. Neither is the P Bass just a muted flat wound Old School groove instrument.

  7. Both are excellent, but that P-Bass line just drips with FUNK!!!

  8. I’m on the way to buy a P-bass pretty soon and i’m exited to know it, I’ve never played a P-bass :)

  9. Like the feel of my 78 jazz but prefer the sound of my 56 pbass

  10. Both are perfection.

  11. So how does the Fender Lyte stack up?

  12. same strings? sounds like there’s a second lower bass on the Jazz piece.

  13. P-Bass, of course …

  14. Why not the best of both worlds? PJ with Jazz neck, (either body), and the bridge J pickup a split-able humbucker for when you want them both in phase.

  15. Difficult to tell with 2 different tunes. It would be nice to have the same piece played on the 2 instruments.

  16. Geert

    Two great performances. But I like the jazz bass more, because it sounds more vivid. The precision bass seems to fall down into the grave now and then.

  17. Bryan

    P-Bass all day. Sound and feel.

  18. paul cartwright

    Ah, the age old question P or J, should not be a question at all . It is like asking a parent to chose between his two siblings .Like Leo , I love them both ;..;

  19. Oh how I love my Fenders : )