Gear Watch: ToneGear String Cleaner

ToneGear, winner of “Best in Show” at NAMM 2008, is releasing a new product: The String Cleaner for Bass Guitar.

The string cleaner utilizes a patented 360 degree cleansing technique to remove the oils and deposits from your fingers while playing. Untreated these deposits cause oxidative damage to your strings over time and will affect your tone. ToneGear claims that the string cleaner can extend the life of your strings up to 3 times that of untreated strings.

Dave Chiappetta, the founder and president of ToneGear had the following to say about his company: “Our goal is to improve musician’s lives by providing thoughtful and effective solutions for maintaining and preserving the life of stringed instruments, thus allowing users to concentrate on creating music and not maintenance.”

The String Cleaner for Bass Guitar will be available soon, you can check out ToneGear’s web site for additional details.

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