Bassist Cash Colligan leaves The Cab

Cash ColliganAfter their latest national tour “What Happens in Vegas” as a headliner, bassist and original member Cash Colligan has decided to leave The Cab.

The Cab have been doing well, they were signed to Decaydence Records in May 2007 and released their debut full-length Whisper War in April 2008.

The Cab has released the following statement on their MySpace Blog:

“First off I can’t thank our fans enough for making the What Happens In Vegas tour a success beyond our wildest dreams. I don’t think anybody quite realizes how much this means to us but it absolutely means the world. It was our first nationwide headlining tour and you guys were loving, welcoming, and absolutely incredible! I’m sad to say the day has come where Cash has decided to leave the band and to move on from touring to pursue his other interests and dreams and to do do what’s right for him in Las Vegas. If you follow Cash on twitter I’m sure you’ve seen everything he has on his plate and that he’s been working on at home. We wish him the best and I’m sure he’ll be no stranger at a Cab show or anytime we’re back in town. Thank you again to everyone for your unending support, you’ve made the tour and this summer one we’ll never forget. We hope to see everybody again soon…”

Cash Colligan has also released a statement via MySpace:

“It was 11th grade, 2 men (boys) who were best of friends, 2 guitars and a band name, The Cab. My whole life, everything I did and all that I had was being put into a developing act. It was a newborn child, but sometimes, tho you love it… you have to let your child go to college. I’m proud as a founding member of this band to say the things I’ve done, the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made. After five years it’s time for me to take a mental nap. Being home I can collect my thoughts and move forward. You guys out there don’t realize how much you have made me, me. Fans, friends and foes I thank you all for the motive you’ve brought into my life to help build a huge part of what I am today. Nobody should read this and be upset, be happy. You have a talented band following there dream and a few members that are now following there dreams. Times change, people change… hell, I’ve changed. But in my eyes its for the better that I move forward and settle down with a life in Las Vegas for now. I love touring, I love music and I will never not consider going out back on the road in some form… just now is really not my time. I want you all to be anxious for what’s to come of me in the future and know as a main point of this announcement that I am ok and alive. I will be better than ever. So this is me, this is who I’ve become. And to my brothers of the cab, I know what’s to come of you and all will be amazed when the world’s ears listen. Best of luck guys and for all of you across the states, come see me in Las Vegas sometime… it’s always nice to see an old friend.”

The Cab have also released their Lady Luck EP available since the end of June. Even with their recent member loss The Cab are “happier than ever and have so many songs we are dying to show you guys! Get ready… the best is yet to come!”

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