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A review of Vijay Iyer Trio’s “Historicity”

Historicity is an exciting and unique record. The album takes jazz music forward and is destined to be one of the classic piano trio albums, and is firmly within the stream of jazz but innovative and freewheeling as all the best jazz is. Despite its unusual approach it’s a hugely accessible record: vital, rhythmic and engaging. Vijay Iyer refers to...

Bass Videos

Bruno Tauzin’s “Inspiration Schumanienne”, a fretless bass solo

We stumbled upon Bruno Tauzin and his videos and had a hard time picking one to feature. In the end, this performance was a favorite, featuring Bruno on 5-string fretless and playing his own Robert Schumann-inspired composition. Check out Bruno’s video page for more great performances.

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: MIDI Saddle Conversions

Brown’s Guitar Factory has announced that they will now retro fit Kahler basses to be piezo and MIDI compatible. They are now prepared to distribute the retrofits and installation materials to retailers, custom shops and the players themselves. Brown’s Guitar Factory has developed saddle pieces that integrate piezo elements with the Hexpander and Graphtech Acoustiphonic systems – providing a full...

New Albums

Evan Marien: Between Worlds

Bassist Evan Marien has released his latest album with Art of Life Records. Between Worlds is now available for download and ships after November 1st. The album features drummers Jovol Bell, Jeffrey Villanueva and Thomas Hartman; guitarists Andy Berman, Randy Runyon and David Fiuczynski (also playing fretless guitar); Jeremy Vovcsko on alto saxophone; and keyboardist Evgeny Lebedev. Between Worlds has...

Bass Lessons

Right-hand technique for upright bass: pizzicato

There is no “one way” to play pizzicato. There are a few principles to bear in mind that are helpful no matter what technique we use. The main idea we need to communicate is that the left hand does most of the work in sound generation. Playing hard with the right hand can be counterproductive, causing injury and choking the...

Jaco Pastorius: 1979 Solo Performance of “Continuum”
Bass Videos

Jaco Pastorius: 1979 Solo Performance of “Continuum”

We discovered this rare Jaco Pastorius video thanks to Ingrid Pastorius sharing it with us on Facebook recently. This video was recorded at the Berliner Jazz Stage, live in 1979. Ingrid sets up the video with some pretty cool insider knowledge: “…that day Jaco met Toots for the first time, had a backstage conversation with Chick about fame, was the...

Weekly Top 10

Rewind: The Most Popular Features, Lessons and Videos of the Week of November 2nd

In case you missed them, here are our most popular articles from the week of November 2nd, 2009. Lessons Jon Burr wraps up his lesson series on Melodic Construction: Extensions on Dominant Chords Evan Kepner shows us how to Build Dexterity on the Bass Columns & Features A review Donovan Stokes‘s Gadaha Ask Damian Erskine: Learning and transcribing Ray Riendeau...


Ampeg announces “Your Ampeg is Showing” photo contest

Ampeg is running an online photo contest in celebration of their 60th anniversary. This is the first year for the contest, offering Ampeg enthusiasts a chance to show off their rig and win one of five Ampeg Micro-VR stacks (Micro-VR Head and SVT-210AV cabinet). To enter, visit Ampeg’s web site and upload pictures of yourself with your Ampeg gear. The...

Miles Davis and Marcus Miller: Mr. Pastorius, Live
Bass Videos

Miles Davis and Marcus Miller: Mr. Pastorius, Live

In the late 80’s, Marcus Miller and Miles Davis performed live on David Sanborn’s TV show. This video includes the conversation between Marcus and Miles before they jumped into a performance of “Mr. Pastorius”, from the album. Good stuff.

Player News

The Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx will be taking to the airwaves in 2010. Premiere Radio Networks has announced the upcoming launch of “Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx” in January of 2010 to be played on rock and alternative music stations. Sixx will give listeners and inside look at the rock star life, including perspectives from celebrity guests. There is also...

Pedals & Effects

Gear Watch: Aguilar’s TLC Compressor

Aguilar Amplification has announced the TLC Compressor, the newest addition to their line of bass gear. The TLC Compressor is designed for both recording and live use and features a four-knob layout with a wide range of attack times, as well as variable threshold and slope levels. Features include: Threshold control: variable from -30 to -10 dBu Slope control: variable...

Basic Funk Formula, Bootsy-style
Bass Videos

Basic Funk Formula, Bootsy-style

Bootsy Collins, one of the funkiest bassists ever, shares his formula for a basic funk line. Just keep it on the one, and you can do anything you want with it!