Vulfpeck: It Gets Funkier

We first featured Vulfpeck last June and became instant fans of the band and bassist Joe Dart.

Check out this video of the band recording their score for a short film by Baltasar Vilhjálmsdóttir entitled, “Cold Cold Wet”. Joe really gets down on this, especially around the 3 minute mark.

This tune is available on Vulfpeck’s EP, Mit Peck.

Hey Vulfpeck, if it does indeed get funkier, drop us a note!

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  1. So who is “Baltasar Vilhjálmsdóttir”?

    Baltasar is a guy name and -dóttir is the surname ending for females in Iceland.

  2. Everything was fantastic, but I really loved the drumming!

  3. Wow. What a groove, just bought the Cd in iTunes.

  4. This is way too awesome for me not to buy the EP. There, done. Now when and where can I see these guys live?

  5. Love the “Michael McDonaldish” B section. Joe be bad :-)

  6. Oooh yersss. Lovely bit 4.05 ish too… I’m afraid I’m going after the EP, too.

  7. ooaah good groove I love this bassist!:D

  8. Definitely Weather Report inspired with a beautiful Jaco-esque tone… how is he getting that sound from what looks like a fretted Bass (fret markings look too wide to be a ‘lined’ fretless)? Anyone got any good tips on how to get that tone?

  9. Anyone know what Joe’s set-up/bass is here? And if anyone knows of any transcriptions of Vulfpeck bass lines, that’d be so cool.