Unreleased Weather Report with Jaco Pastorius: “A Remark You Made”, Live (1978)

Here’s another unearthed gem from Weather Report’s live performances in 1978, with one of the greatest line-ups in the band’s history: Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Jaco Pastorius and Peter Erskine.

In this video, the group performs the beautiful Zawinul tune, “A Remark You Made”, which was quite the showcase for Jaco’s fretless sound, playing off of Shorter’s sax.

As we mentioned in the previously shared video of Weather Report’s performance of “Birdland”, Dr. Fred Erskine (Peter’s father) filmed the concerts in both Reading and Washington, Pennsylvania. Peter shared with Rick Suchow, “The sound came direct from the front-of-house mix board, engineered by Brian Risner, and my dad was using an old RCA video camera (at least one of those shows without a tripod), a heavy beast of a thing.”

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  1. I actually have some of my grandfathers old video tapes of WR from this tour. So cool….

  2. btw, this was my all time favorite tune as a kid (and still). This tune used to choke me up when I was about 10. I still can’t believe that I got to play this tune most every night with the JP Big Band (with Peter on drums!). The chills up and down my spine are still with me from feeling that tune live, done the right way and with the right guys.

  3. This page is amazing, I like it, thaught is the first time contact it.

  4. WR was such an innovative group. Saw them in New Orleans in 1978. Jaco was and still is as Jimmy Haslip put.
    it ” The Gallileo of the Bass”. Beautiful Tune lot’s of memories.

  5. Jaco was and still is the best, and this song shows just why. This is not a flashy performance, and yet you can hear so much depth, such finesse of playing, so much soul and sensitivity to the instrument and to the music. It’s almost like what he is holding in his hands is not bass, but his own heart.

  6. Paul Moore

    so great to have captured this.beautiful

  7. For me, this was the tune that changed everything – how I viewed a bass guitar and opened my horizons for ever. I had heard all the great bassists from before but in my limited view at the time, nothing had ever come close. Here was a bass guitar sharing melodic and contrapuntal themes at the equal of a saxophone. And the saxophonist was Wayne Shorter! It caused such a stir that a music store in Chapel Hill, NC I passed buy was offering to defret basses. So I took my 63 Fender Jazz in and had it done! Never been the same. I got to see Weather Report perform this tune in 1976 at the Tri-City sports arena in Greensboro NC my first year of college at UNC-G. The whole concert blew me away.

  8. Mike

    One of the most beautiful ballads ever written… Saw this tour in London, amazing

  9. Charlie

    So cool! I saw them in Sacramento about ’79 I think. It was soon after Heavy Weather. This is one of my very favorite of their tunes. Love the spaces and texture.

  10. Rob

    Zawinul at 3:33 – 3:36. Genius! Didn’t these guys ***ever*** run out of ideas?

  11. Rob

    And Jaco fearlessly reharmonizes parts of the vamp at 5:35. I guess he had Joe’s respect by then. I would not have had the stones…