Ampeg Introduces Limited Edition Heritage B-15N Bass Amp

Ampeg Heritage B-15N Bass Amp

Two years ago, Ampeg paid homage to one of their most popular vintage models with a limited run of the Heritage B-15, which they did again in 2012.

This year the company has introduced the Heritage B-15N, a new model that delivers the sound of the B-15 in a new black finish.

Ampeg Heritage B-15N Bass AmpThe new amp, which is designed and assembled in the United States, features an all-tube design with PCB architecture. As with its predecessors, the B-15N has distinct 1964 and 1966 channels as well as Ampeg’s Baxandall EQ and selectable bias modes. The head has a flat black finish and is adorned with a clear Ampeg name plate with an LED that lights it up. The flip-top, double baffle cabinet matches the black theme and is covered with black diamond Tolex.

The Ampeg Heritage B-15N will be limited to 250 units and will carry a street price of around $2,999. It’s currently set to ship to the U.S. in May and worldwide in June. For more, check out the Ampeg website.

Ampeg Herigate B-15N Bass Amp Specs:

  • RMS Power Output: 30W RMS (1966 bias) / 25W RMS (1964 bias)
  • LF Driver: 1 x 15? custom Eminence®
  • Preamp: Tube (3 x 12AX7)
  • Rectifier: Tube (1 x 5AR4)
  • Power Amp: Tube (2 x 6L6GC)
  • Channel 1: 1964 (B-15NC)
  • Channel 2: 1966 (B-15NF)s
  • Tone Controls: Baxandall Bass and Treble (per channel)
  • Power Tube Bias: Selectable (1964/cathode, 1966/fixed)
  • Speaker Outputs: 1 x 8 ohm, 2 x 4 ohm
  • Line Out: Yes
  • Dimensions (H x W x D inches): 33 x 21 x 14
  • Handling Weight: 82.5 lbs / 37.4 kg

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  1. I play through my keyboard player’s 1961 version at practice. 30 or 25 watts for three grand. What a deal!

  2. Great amp for the studio, that is, if tone is relevant to you.

  3. I happen to own a 70’s vintage B-15N found it in a local music store for less than half the price of comparable B-15s, all it needs is new tolex and grille cloth. Souns sweet!