Learn More About Playing Like Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr in New Book

Royal Blood for Guitar and Bass with TabHal Leonard’s book, Royal Blood for Guitar and Bass with Tab, provides an insight into how Mike Kerr, bassist/vocalist for the bass/drum duo Royal Blood, creates his sound.

His bass setup allows him to use his bass to emulate two guitars, as well as carry its own sound. “Through careful arranging of the riffs and deft switching, he’s able to do the work of three,” according to the writeup of the book, which features songs from the band’s 2015 debut album.

The book is written to allow a bassist to work as Kerr does, or guide guitarists, so either one or three people can play the parts written out here.

Royal Blood for Guitar and Bass with Tab Song List:

  1. Better Strangers
  2. Blood Hands
  3. Careless
  4. Come On Over
  5. Figure It Out
  6. Little Monster
  7. Loose Change
  8. Out Of The Black
  9. Ten Tonne Skeleton
  10. You Can Be So Cruel

You can find the 96-page paperback here.

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