BBE Introduces Mini Sonic Stomp MS-92 Pedal

BBE Mini Sonic Stomp MS-92 PedalBBE’s Sonic Stomp now comes in a compact pedal called the MS-92. The stompbox is a pedalboard-friendly version of their Sonic Maximizer, which is designed to improve clarity and definition in your signal. It features the same all-analog processor as the larger SS-92 with a new circuit board and control layout for a smaller chassis.

It has two controls: Process and Lo Contour. Process controls the overall clarity while Lo Contour improves low-end punch and removes muddiness.

The mini Sonic Stomp will be available soon with a street price around $99.99.

BBE Mini Sonic Stomp MS-92 Pedal Features:

Sonic Maximizer circuitry for clarity and punch
Lo Contour and Process controls
1MEG Ohms input impedance
1K Ohms output impedance
1% metal-film resistors
High-voltage poly caps
Military-spec circuit board
True hardwire bypass
5-year warranty

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