Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in August 2018

We love checking out new bass gear as much as you do, and by the looks of the readership in August, you all really like checking out new gear.

So it is once again time to celebrate the top 10 reader favorite gear stories for the month.

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Dunlop Introduces System 65 Instrument Maintenance Tools

1. Dunlop System 65 Instrument Maintenance Tools

Dunlop has introduced the System 65 line of tools for bass and guitar maintenance. The lineup includes a neck cradle, a micro fret cloth, a magnetic parts tray, a setup mat, and a superlube gel pen. “Keep the moving parts of your stringed instruments working smoothly with the System 65 Superlube Gel Pen,” Dunlop writes…

Ernie Ball Music Man Unveils Ball Family Reserve Bongo 6HH Bass in Grabber Green

2. Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve Bongo 6HH Bass in Grabber Green

Ernie Ball Music Man has unveiled the Ball Family Reserve series for August. The lineup for this month includes two guitars plus one bass: the Bongo 6HH in Grabber Green. “The Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve series is a celebration of our heritage in instrument craftsmanship,” the company shared…

Rare Earth Music Introduces Magnetically-Powered Pedal Board

3. Rare Earth Music Magnetically-Powered Pedal Board

Rare Earth Music has unveiled the Earthboard, a magnetically-powered and designed pedalboard that they say decreases the hassles and limitations of conventional designs. “The patented Earthboard next-gen design incorporates rare earth magnets (the strongest magnets available), a steel-rail system and a long-lasting rechargeable battery that together, provides power and sound to effects pedals…

Mistweaver Effects Introduces Two New Pedals

4. Mistweaver Effects’ Two New Pedals

Mistweaver Effects has launched their product line with two pedals: the Serpent Fuzz and the Forestry Overdrive. Made in Singapore, each unit is inspired by vintage gear with a twist. The Serpent Fuzz is described as a take on the Green Russian Big Muff Pi with modern and functional upgrades…

Amorite Guitars Announces First Bass Model: The Kothar

5. Amorite Guitars First Bass Model: The Kothar

Amorite Guitars has introduced their first bass model called the Kothar. The bass was two years in the making and will be available alongside other Amorite instruments. Designed in part with bassist Omar Harb, the Kothar features neck-through construction with a five-piece maple and walnut neck with an asymmetric profile…

Phil Jones Bass Cab 27 Now Shipping

6. Phil Jones Bass Cab 27

Phil Jones Bass revealed the Cab 27 earlier this year, and now it’s ready to ship. The bass cabinet is fitted with two of the company’s proprietary 4-ohm, 7-inch drivers wired in series to offer up to 200 watts. It also includes a three-inch tweeter for an extra high end…

Eastwood Guitars Announces Modern Version of Klira Beatle Bass

7. Eastwood Guitars Klira Beatle Bass

Eastwood Guitars is reviving another unique vintage bass through their custom shop. The Klira Beatle Bass was a take on the Hofner bass made famous by Paul McCartney. “Through the 1960’s there were many variants of the popular Hofner Beatle Bass coming out of Japan and around the world,” Eastwood writes…

TC Electronic Unveils the BQ250 and BQ500 Bass Amps

8. TC Electronic BQ250 and BQ500 Bass Amps

TC Electronic has expanded their bass amp line with the BQ250 and the BQ500. Rated at 250 and 500 watts, respectively, the head units are described as “bare-bones bass power.” Each features a MOSFET preamp with a custom 4-band EQ as well as a built-in Thrust compressor circuit…

Barefaced Audio Unveils Rainbow One10 Bass Cabinets

9. Barefaced Audio Rainbow One10 Bass Cabinets

After announcing a tweed version last year, Barefaced Audio has unveiled a limited run of their One10 bass cabinet in a range of colorful tolex covers. They will be available in limited quantities of red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and purple…

Nordstrand Audio Introduces the Zen Blade Bass Pickup

10. Nordstrand Audio Zen Blade Bass Pickup

Nordstrand Audio’s pickup line has gotten a little bigger with the Zen Blade, a classic sidewinder-style pickup with a ceramic bar magnet and slotted steel blade. The design allows for even tone across the fretboard and steady impedance, Nordstrand says…

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