RHC Announces RAT Tail Distortion Cable and RapcoHorizon Volume Control Cable

RHC RAT Tail Distortion Cable and RapcoHorizon Volume Control Cable

RHC has launched two new specialty cables through its brands RAT FX and RapcoHorizon. The RAT FX RAT Tail distortion cable offers distortion built into the cable itself while the RapcoHorizon V-Cable gives you volume control.

The RAT Tail distortion pedal is built with the same clipping diodes as vintage RAT pedals. Its connector has a dial with a knob that selects between three modes: true bypass, distortion overdrive with unity gain, and distortion with +3dB gain.

RapcoHorizon’s V-Cable is updated for 2018 and is suited for acoustic or electric instruments with or without tone and volume knobs. The knob allows for adjusting the volume via the cable and can also be used in an off position to function as a mute. “With a “pop-free” guarantee, players can interchange instruments without worrying about unplugging sounds that can infringe on their performances,” the company writes. “A 500K Ohm version ensures compatibility with virtually any pickup configuration on the market.”

Both the RAT FX RAT Tail distortion cable and RapcoHorizon V-Cable come in 10, 18, and 25-foot cable lengths. They have prices starting at $69.99 and $59.99, respectively.

RAT FX RAT Tail Distortion Cable Features:

Distortion effect circuitry built into the connector
Same clipping Diodes using in Vintage RAT Distortion pedals
2 Ranges of distortion, selectable right on the connector
(Position 1 is True ByPass)
Batteries - Uses (2) “Siver-Oxide” Type 397

RapcoHorizon Volume Control Cable Features:

Connector allows freedom of movement to performer
Built-In Off position allows complete system mute
500K ohm version designed to be compatible with pick-ups of all types
Perfect for acoustic/electric guitars that are designed without Tone or Volume knobs
Unplug and change instruments Pop-Free

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